Arbeitsplatz aims to make affordable space available for artists to work and create.

The rental prices are:

  • Big studio (8,5x12m) –  per week: 140€ (Monday-Friday) or 180€ (Monday-Sunday) plus 40€ administration fee, per day: 40€ plus 20€ administration fee or per half day: 20€ (max. 4 hrs) plus 10€ administration fee
  • Small studio (5x7m) – per week 70€ (Monday-Friday) or 90€ (Monday-Sunday) plus 30€ administration fee or per day 20€ plus 15€ administration fee or per half day 10€(max 4hrs) plus 5€ administration fee

Extra costs:

  • For the transaction fee we charge 1€ for each reservation.
  • In order to keep Arbeitsplatz a clean and cosy space to work in, we ask all artists to pay a cleaning fee of 60€. You can avoid this fee by taking over cleaning yourself! It includes wiping and vaccuum the floor in the studio and toilet, as well as emptying trash and leaving no food behind – once you finish with your rehearsal period.

Conditions only apply for artists in the field of dance and performance. This does not include space for workshops, teaching or any form of commercial use!

Please contact us for availability or further info:

The space consist of:

  • Big studio (8,5 x 12 m)
  • Small studio (ca 5 x 7m)
  • Two offices
  • An atelier/common room/dressing room
  • An unheated workshop/storage room
  • Three toilets and two showers
  • Two kitchenettes and a small garden terrace

The total size of the space is about 380m2